Talks on CD by E.J. Gold and others

Archive Talks

by E.J. Gold

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These invocational talks are direct transmissions from a School that reaches across time and space, life and death.

You are invited to participate in them as a listener within the private intimacy of the group. It's the next best thing to having been there.

You will find a list of subjects on the left side of this page. Merely click on a subject to see the archival recordings that are available. They date from 1970 to the present.

Hear what you've missed

Hear what you've missed when E.J. Gold got together with Claudio Naranjo, A.H. Almaas, Lee Lozowick, Robert Anton Wilson, Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, John Lilly, Murray Yagan, Reshad Feild, David Atkinson, Marilyn Gossen, Stan Howard, Patricia Elizabeth, Flying Karamazov Brothers, Amanda Foulger, Mary Houston, John Reynolds, Eve Ilsen, Armando Molina, Toni Lilly, Heather Valencia, Glenn Perry, Lee Perry, Martin Silverwolf, Dru Kristel, Dr. Abe Levitsky, Larry Roberts, Fritz Perls, core group and others.

Archive Talks are authentic work chamber talks of E.J. Gold recorded over the years under diverse and frequently not ideal recording conditions on location where the talks were given or radio interviews happened. Your Archive Talk may have sounds of a restaurant, city traffic or clinking of dishes at an invocational dinner, and many talks have questions and comments from students or audience members. These Archive Talks were originally available only on cassette.

Now they have been digitally remastered and converted to CD. SOON to be direct digital download.