Whimsy Archive Talks


An Evening of British Humor

(4 Disks)

These three 90-minute cassettes record the community gathered for an invocational dinner during which the impromptu comedy routines and jokes never quit. This humorous evening of repartee is recommended listening. Words fail to convey the moods arising during one continuous listening of the entire invocation.

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(mp3) $22.95

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Ken's Talk About Cosmo Street

(1 Disks)

Side A: Ken Paulson humorously recounts various events both real and fictional from the Cosmo Street era. His whmsical roundabout storytelling captures the mood and spirit of the times providing an unusual insight into the work of the School on Cosmo Street. Side B: A rare recording of improvised music from the same time period. The audio quality has all the quaint charm of an old 78 without the scratches. It also uncannily evokes the atmosphere and mood of `what's happening now' back then in the mid '70's. This talk and musical recording hand in hand effectively portray a timeless moment in the School history.

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(mp3) $7.95

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Religious Rap w/ Dean Dimmer & Swami Devananda

(1 Disks)

(CD) $12.95

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The Comedy Challenge with E.J. Gold/Claudio Naranjo/Armando Molina

(3 Disks)

Recorded live at the 1987 Convention. Listen to these transformational psychology celebrities outdoing one another in the medium some call the most effective for transmitting work data. A no-holds-barred joke-telling session based on the simpole rule of the previous joke told is supposed to lead into the next joke.

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(mp3) $17.95

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