Talk of the Month

IDHHB brings you talks by E.J. Gold, and by Claudio Naranjo, Lee Lozowick, John C. Lilly, Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and others, in audio and written form.

These published talks are from the late 1960s through the present covering topics including personal transformation, spiritual life, the Fourth Way, Alchemy, Angels, Attention, Death & Dying, Bardo Training, the Great Work, Healing, Invocation, Metaphysics, the Man on the Cross, Reincarnation, Shamanism, Practical Work on Self, Work Traditions, Gaming and others.

The Talk of the Month started as a monthly journal for the many students of E.J. Gold. Since these students were scattered across the globe these published monthly talks were a great way to stay in touch with E.J.'s Work. Can anyone say pre-internet :)

The TalkCDs are remastered from the original cassettes. They will give you a very real glimpse into the moment by moment transmission of the Teaching.

Thanks to the internet, you can catch E.J. and company streaming live pretty much every day of the week. Click Here to catch the stream.

Archive Talks

Hundreds and hundreds of talks recorded from live events.


ToTM aka Talk Of the Month. Produced once a month, these talks span the years 1983 through 1990.


Various archive videos. These are available by DVD and in many cases digital download.


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