Voyaging in the MacroDimensions NEW RELEASES

Many years ago, back in 1971, before there were videocams and long before there was digital, we purchased an ENG -- Electronic News Gathering video system, like the kind used by the local TV stations and some networks. The unit weighed upwards of 30 pounds, and the battery likewise. One person carrying and handling the 20 pound video camera, the other carrying the giant "portable" helical-scan 1/2" tape recorder.

The sun could burn out your camera's vidicon tube. You couldn't make a video in low light, and movement tended to blur. Breakup of the image was normal in this unit, and you'll see lots of it, especially at the beginning of each tape.

Many of the earlier videos were experimental, trying to find out what the camera and recorder could capture. We bought two studio type cameras and a larger Sony video recorder for the house. The portable ran on batteries, the larger units did not.

Several of the videos were made at Red House, mostly in 1971 and early 1972, when we left Crestline for Cowichan Centre for Gestalt Learning, in Duncan, British Columbia, at the request of Fritz Perls, Ray Walker and Sarah Warsher.

Movements Montreal was filmed in Montreal, under the direction of Ray Walker and Al Rose. The Dirty Dick Cavity Show was originally some 30 videos, almost all of which are now lost -- this single video is all that remains of many hours of group work. Keep in mind that these videos were made long before there was any way to edit them, and to preserve the magic, no editing has been done on them.

These important archival historical videos are, for the first time, available to you, and they have been digitally remastered and are now available in DVD format. Prices vary according to how many DVD disks are in the set, as stated in the descriptions. Contact Marvette or Yanesh for pricing information and reseller rates if you are a retailer or vendor.



Hooray for Hollywood / Heavenly Disembodies

Two experimental videos, the first made from Super-8 film taken by EJ Gold on Hollywood Boulevard. The second uses life-masks of Group One & Group Two members to make a mask-dance.


(mp4) $(19.95)


Hippie Heaven Archive Series I

Group One is out in the woods, playing with Elves and being chased by a bunch of wild monkeys.



Sixth Seal

Chris Javor stars in this experimental film to see what the camera and recorder could do.



Porch Discussion I, II, & III

This three DVD set was a discussion led by Mata & Richard, with a long commentary by EJ.



Recurrence Talk Set I, II, III, & IV

This four DVD set was an experimental reincarnation talk and demo by both Mata & EJ.



Mozumdar / Group 1 Movements Improv Archive Series X

An outdoor shoot with Lin Larsen at Camp Mozumdar, just a few doors down from Red House in Crestline. Mozumdar was a mountain retreat built in the late 19th century by Yogi Mozumdar and we were given permission to use it any time we wanted to, including for retreats and workshops, then later that evening Group One does its movements training.

(dvd) $19.95

(mp4) $(14.95)


The Dirty Dick Cavity Show Archive Series XI

Group One and Group Two at Crestline. We tore out the bowling alley, installed a 5,000 volume bookstore that had come up from Hollywood & Vine, and then did the show. Guests were only told who they were and what they did as they went onstage.



Pearls Before Swine Archive Series XII

This is a powerful talk, and is considered a primary event in the history of IDHHB.

(dvd) $19.95

(mp4) $(14.95)


Sleeping Sufi

This series of events occurred at Red House, just after the new addition had been put on, featuring 1/4? thick solid rosewood paneling. The video was made within this Sacred Space.



Movements Montreal 1973

The Montreal Group performs The Movements at a television station, under the direction of Al Rose, Ray Walker & Sarah Warsher.

(dvd) $19.95

(mp4) $(14.95)


The Obligatories

Al Rose demonstrates The Obligatories on public television in Montreal, Canada.



The Revealing Science of God

An experimental video using monitor feedback into a vidicon tube, with special audio track.

"In a land long ago I use to listen hour long tapes. Rates of passage or blue smoke were two that would take me out or in quite far. I would bring as much attention as I could ever sounds in the music. Let it change what it needed to be change in me. This was a very powerful and very effective way to work which I miss it greatly. Revealing the science of god DVD is first thing to replace this type of work in a long time. Since times have change to take a hour long work time in the old style is just not really possible but 20 mins is much more manageable. Mandala lovers might really appreciate this video effects on this DVD. EJ reads from spontaneous surrender and there is music. I do feel obligated to mention that this DVD was confrontational to me at times and it is very experimental and it may not be to everyone's taste but for others missing this type of work it might be just the thing for you. -- K.M."

(dvd) $19.95

(mp4) $(14.95)


The Warm-Ups Archive Series XVII



The Movements 1980 Archive Series XVIII

(dvd) $19.95

(mp4) $(14.95)


Movements Improv

Video made at Red House with Group One performing Improv Movements according to formula inner exercises proceeding internally and expressing organically.



Bardo 1974

Experimental video portraying Bardo Spaces.


(mp4) $(14.95)


This is a group of "lost" videos. They were available to only a small group of individuals and for many years were not listed in the catalog. They are now available for use by all members of the world-wide work circle, and that includes YOU.


Macrodimensional Models (set)

(three DVD set)


(mp4) $(34.95)


The Artist in the Studio

(two DVD set) - A short visit within the creative walls and inner world of artist EJ Gold.



Color & Radiation Series

(six DVD set) - About Color Theory, Radiation, introduction to the color wheel of healing.



In the Garden / Uncommon Scents

Unusual video covering several aspects of death & dying and soul-reaping in the Garden of You-Know-Whom.



Voyaging in the Macrodimensions WWWC Series I

An amazing inner view of how voyaging is done and at the same time, a revealing glimpse of the inner life of several Inter-Dimensional Voyagers.

(dvd) $19.95

(mp4) $(14.95)


Labyrinth Voyager I

(two DVD set) - Minotaur Tales and beyond the Veil -- Part 1


(mp4) $(24.95)


Labyrinth Voyager II

(two DVD set) - Minotaur Tales and beyond the Veil -- Part 2



The Beowulf Dinner

Your money back if you don't laugh. Featuring a hysterically funny version of the Beowulf Song and much, much more.

(DVD) $24.95

(mp4) $(19.95)


Gold's Tryptch (1987)

EJ Gold painting a triptych backdrop for a theater piece.



A View of E.J. Gold

Exposition on EJ Gold, a student production.



Sculpting in Light, Sound & Color

How Space-Bending works in a practical manner, with applications.



WWWC Series II- 6




An Evening Shot to Hell with Parker Dickson

For the past five years, Parker Dixon's songs have provided a vehicle for the expression of work ideas through music. The atmosphere created by these songs has made them a way to bring the ideas into people's lives where other means may not be as effective and accessible. Work songs often provide understanding in the heart not as easily gained through books or the spoken word.



My Dinner with EJ (set)

(two DVD set) - Don't even think about ordering this DVD set unless you plan to laugh right out loud, a lot.

(dvd) $29.95

(mp4) $(24.95)


Origins of Dance

Certainly the most important of the dance lectures related to ancient cultures and alternate realities.

(dvd) $24.95

(mp4) $(24.95)


Revenge of the Fly

A video that includes much behind-the-scenes footage related to the American River College Dance Theater Performances, but also a very revealing look at the day-to-day relationships between the members of the dance and music troupe at IDHHB.



Shop @ House

Put Jimmi Accardi, Claude Needham and friends in front of a camera with things to sell and funny costumes to explain, and you've got the formula for a funny, funny show, about real things that might still be for sale, who knows???



Songs of the Spanish Sufis

In each work community there are songs which have special meaning to the people in the school. These songs are chosen to express their feelings about work ideas and usually relate to a specific period of time, a specific group of people and a specific place of work.



The Movements at American River College

This performance of the Movements by The Academy of Ancient Dance reflects the magic and spirit enlivening theater in ancient times. Director and choreographer E.J. Gold composed the music which serves as a fundamental component to the penetrating atmosphere created throughout this performance.



Village Dancing, Village Drums

Simurgh is the Persian word meaning "thirty birds". The story of the Simurgh is the search of thirty birds for their King. It's the story of thirty birds looking for thirty birds, as described in the Sufi Classic, The Conference of the Birds.


There are additional videos that might or might not have undergone the transformation to digital, and they will be checked into at the earliest opportunity. In my experience, the only way these videos will survive is if folks order them. Marvette only produces when she sees an invoice, an admirable trait.