Invocation Achive Talks



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An examination of the angelic character begins using the bookAngels by Peter Lamborn Wilson for comparison. E.J. Gold explores the activities and responsibilities of angels, their relationship to humans and the maintenance of Creation.

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The French Talks

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Complete. The unedited version of the French talks given from May 3 to May 7, 1982 at Meadow Vista, California. Ten hours total. Highly recommended by Mr. Gold.

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Playing in Purgatory

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Is an angel alone in its chamber? This talk addressed angelic invocation, angelic posts, the Angelic Assembly, levels of angels and Archangels and how they are formed; levels of cosmoses and evolution of higher bodies.

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Online Invocation 101

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In this talk, parallels are drawn between Work ideas in this world and in a gaming environment; an invocation in a circle and in an online environment; a "rush" in Diablo and a tap to the forehead by "Guru Ji"-- and why it would not do us any good; building characters in Diablo and building in "this life;" specializing in skills and not wasting skill points in game and in life. Also included: explanation about not only the "experience" points in Diablo, but also the "invisible experience" points that the player of the character gets; how we want to build up a character that we see that others have, or a character that will be admired as opposed to building what we "are;" comparison between a character we play well and one we play badly.

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Secrets of Angelic Healing & Invocation

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This workshop explores the basic questions: What is healing?; What is an angel?; What are the conditions of angelic invocation? Angelic contact is very personal. First, you need to want to make contact. Second, you can't be afraid. Third, you need to be totally open to all possibilities. Fourth, you don't have to believe in angels; you can be skeptical but not sarcastic or cynical. Fifth, approach angelic contact without superstition. Invocation of an angel is simply bringing two realities together and they never totally mesh. The realities can affect each other. How do you do it? You must sit and pay attention. When you are looking for it, it will work. Sitting together in a group gives you more power. Concentrate on being quiet and still. Instructions for a powerful exercise are given. The group works with this exercise, discusses their experiences and asks questions based on their experiences with angelic contact and the exercise given.

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The Bullet-Proof King

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"You will forget all the vestiges of who you were, who you have been for this number of years. . .But you can preserve the best elements of it, and use the life in a particular way, by making your identity conform to what does survive. . .Little by little, a single organism. . .capable of accepting, tolerating, the invoked presence of a very, very powerful, very large being - an entity much greater than any single individual. . . ."

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