Developing the Permanent


Developing the Permanent "I"/Overcoming


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Side A: Developing the Permanent "I." Topics include the dilemma of attempting to work before you have sufficient understanding of what you're trying to do; "If you can't get knowledge as a nonpermanent series of I's, how are you going to produce in yourself the necessary Being-completion to get that knowledge?"; the nature of "changing understanding"; developing communication between the I's to produce a unified Human Being; lessening the shock of integration; placing identification with the Being rather than with the body; the requirement of a strong "Being-shock" to produce the "Witness" or "Essence I"; the "Oh, no, not again" syndrome as your strongest ally for work. Side B: Overcoming Personality. Topics include the difference between knowledge and information; the application of shocks and impressions needed to produce a real change in Being; and the efforts one must make in order to receive these shocks.